Joshua Waithe (born October 22nd 1987), who records by the name "No Match," is a Canadian recording artist, singer, rapper and songwriter. He was born in Toronto, Canada. Joshua expressed his love for music from a very young age. As a small child, teachers took notice of his abilities and suggested he develop his talents by joining the school choir. This helped him to really develop as a singer, but he still had a very deep love for hip hop music. When Joshua was only 5 years old his mother would put on Kriss Kross and he would immediately start dancing and rapping at their family parties. His family knew he had something special, however due to financial difficulties, they had to turn down the offer for Joshua to attend a school of the arts in Canada for his singing. He instead continued in public high school in the school choir and rapping with his cousin & close friends in order to build a solid repertoire of music.

One of his close friends was actually a producer and immediately decided to work with Joshua in developing a sound that was all their own. From then on they recorded together producing about 12 tracks for a full album which would be his first. He is now working on his next few singles at Jungle City Studios in Manhattan, New York, for what is to be an EP to be released this coming year. Although he has traveled to the US for this project, he is determined to not lose his sound that makes him more original. He comments, "Right now you have a lot of guys rapping in Canada trying to sound like they are from the Bronx. I don't believe you need to sound like you are from somewhere else to have something to say in the rap game."  Joshua credits M.I.A as one of his role models due to her creative approach to music, as well as Sade in her take on songwriting ability. 

DJ Khaled & Myself.  New York 2015

DJ Khaled & Myself. New York 2015